Street Photo

I'm not trying to make a definition of what street photography is. It seems inappropriate for me who just learned photography a few years and no background in photography education. I just try to work from what I see and I read. I try to practice what I've learned from seniors, book, and experience.

This page is a street photography gallery I created. This is the story page of a pair of eyes. Not many words. I am not good at choosing diction, let alone composing poetry. People say, "photo implies a thousand languages", For me, the shutter is able to string phrases.

This page is a gallery of some of the moments I met on the streets and some of the things I encountered during my walks. It is interesting for me to documenting people activities, expression, and moments on the street. As its nature of this kind of photography, I need a camera that easy to carry. Often, I choose to use my smartphone for photo hunting.


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